We are very happy to offer a small selection of unused Riggen HO slot car bodies for sale or trade for other Riggen bodies or cars.  Riggen HO slot cars and bodies are a rare find today.  Riggen was the fastest slotcar of the early 70's with great speed on the straights.  These bodies are unused but the paint jobs are seldom perfect as they were painted on the inside of the clear bodies at the factory.  You can see light spots in certain areas on some bodies where the paint didn't quite get adequate coverage on some of these, so please don't expect perfection in that regard.  Also, some body warpage is to be expected.
Please let us know what you have if interested in trading Riggen bodies!  Check our Want List.   Email us at edscars@hotmal.com     Thanks, Ed
Riggen HO slotcar bodies, Hot Rod, Lil Red Wagon, Opel, Ferrari 512-S, McLaren
Riggen HO hot rod van in blue
HR-5 Hot Rod Van
      Blue $250
106 PB Lil Red Wagon
    Orange-red $180
Has some factory black paint that crept into the side and back body panel areas as shown.
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Riggen HO McLaren can-am in yellow, body only
102 PB McLaren
Yellow/black #15, some side-warpage but will clip onto chassis with good appearance
Riggen HO McLaren can-am in yellow, bottom view
Riggen HO slotcar Ferrrari 512-S body in blue
Riggen HO Ferrari 512S
  101 PB Ferrari 512-S
  Blue/black $130
mint, small excess plastic in front of right rear wheel well area, untrimmed from factory

Riggen Lil Red Wagon body
Riggen Lil Red Wagon right side view
Riggen Lil Red Wagon rear view
Riggen Ferrari 312 HO Body
Riggen Ferrari 312 body, right side view
Riggen Ferrari 312 HO body, top view
Cobramite HO Mclaren body
Cobramite HO Mclaren body, right side view
Cobramite HO Mclaren body, top view
  Cobramite HO McLaren body, Lime/Black $55
mint, unused, a couple of small paint chip defects
#125 Ferrari 312
     Red/Silver #48         Used.  Has body       crack along the left     upper corner of body panel. $55
Riggen Sigma HO body, used
Riggen Sigma HO body, right side view
Riggen Sigma HO body, top view
Riggen Sigma HO body, rear view
#125 Sigma
     Silver/Red #68         Used.  Has chip out of lower left corner of body, and a crack on right rear fin area.  $50
Lancer HO Mclaren blue painted slotcar body, right side view
Lancer HO Mclaren slotcar body, front view
Lancer McLaren painted HO slotcar body, rear view
Lancer HO Mclaren slotcar painted body, inside view
  Lancer HO Mclaren, hand painted bluish on inside of clear body $45
used, fully detailed as shown with some parts from Tycopro bodies.  Can be mounted on a Riggen chassis as it originally was, with some flare-out of the sides once mounted.  Has some paint chipping around the body mount holes.