HO Slotcars by Aurora- T-Jets including Ford Fairlanes, '65 Mustang, a Ford Aurora store pin, Cheetah, and Mako Shark.
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Cheetah, green.  Very good condition overall.  Window posts and headlight factory silver paint are fine.  Trace of left side silver header paint wear as shown.  This is the version with the factory painted red tail lights.  Front screw post has been trimmed about 1/16" to lower the front of the body, so part of screw shows from front view.  Screw posts are not cracked and hold screws fine.  Running TJet chassis.  Price $50.00
TJet Mako Shark, white.  Good condition overall. Light chrome wear.  Wheel wells and window posts are nice.  Silver detail paint has been redone.  Some faint scratching is present in the body plastic on hood and roof.  Slight dark marks can be seen in the center of the rear louvre areas.  Screw posts are not cracked.  There is a 3/32" hole in the body plastic on the bottom of the car, under the front bumper area, to act as a tow hole if you use a rear guide pin.  Running chassis.  Price $50.00
T-Jet HO slot car Bill Thomas Cheetah, green
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Aurora slotcars TJet Mako Shark in white
Tuff Ones Cheetah, orange #2.  Mint condition never screwed in factory unfinished orange body, with original card and bubble.  Complete with original clear glass that was supplied loose in the card.  Card has been cut out from the larger Tuff Ones Dino Ferrari car and track card it came from. The bubble has been stapled to the card to keep it all together, since the bubble was never sealed around the body.  Price for this rareity is $225.00
Aurora Tuff Ones Cheetah factory unfinished orange body
TJet '63 Ford Fairlaine, tan/black
TJet '63 Ford Fairlane, tan with red interior, black roof.   Fairly good condition overall.  Good wheel wells, average chrome wear, roof shows glue marks around base where it was reglued.  Light wear in the silver side detail stripes.  There is a scratch in the inner black roof paint about 5/16" long.  Screw posts are cracked but hold screws fine.  Running chassis.  Price $110.00
Mustang convertible, yellow with red stripes.  Good condition overall.  Good wheel wells, windshield looks good.  Average front chrome wear, rear chrome show considerable black wear.  Front screw post is cracked and shows from outside of body when on chassis, and holds the screw fine.  Price $90.00
'65 Mustang convertible Aurora slot car, red
Mustang convertible, red.  Good condition overall.  Good wheel wells, screw posts, and windshield is good but the glue line is a bit heavy where it has been reglued.  Windshield is currently not glued to the car so could be replaced or reglued if desired.  Front chrome has some wear as shown, rear chrome is nice.  Nice silver side detail paint.  There are some scratches on the right side of the hood area.  Running chassis.  Price $110.00          PIC#3
'65 Mustang fastback slot car, red
Mustang fastback, red.  Very good condition overall.  Wheel wells are not cut.  Stripes have very little wear.  Front bumper chrome has fairly heavy wear, and rear chrome is nice.  Silver side detail paint is nice and white stripes show very little wear.  Front screw post cracked about 7/64" down, rear post cracked about 1/16" down, and both hold screws fine.  Running chassis.
Price $95.00             PIC#3    PIC#4   PIC#5
                               PIC#6    PIC#7   PIC#8
Mustang hardtop, blue, no roof.  This car has uniform color-shift yellowing to it's outside surface from light exposure or plastic ageing, as can be seen by comparing it to the non-yellowed blue color of the Cheetah in picture #8.  The Cheetah is not included here.  Inside of body plastic shows the standard blue color.  Above the front screw post on the hood and hood stripes in an area about 5/16" wide is what appears to be a micro cracking on the outer surface of the plastic...no cracking shows on the inside of the body.  Wheel wells are not cut.  Medium-light bumper chrome wear.  Roof has been reglued and has glue marks showing on the front in the bottom left area mostly, as shown.  Front screw post is cracked about 3/32" down showing from the front but it is a thin crack and not very noticeable.  Rear screw post also cracked about 3/32" down.  This is a nice looking blue Mustang whose yellow cast makes it something decidedly different for the collection.  I've never seen another one like it.  Running chassis.
Price $700.00
Color Comparison with a standard blue TJet Cheetah
'65 Mustang fastback slot car, white, missing hood stripe.
Mustang fastback, white.  Fair condition overall.  Good wheel wells.  Front screw post has a thin crack about 1/32" down at the front.  Chrome has average wear.  Roof stripes have a wear spot as shown, and hood stripes are missing.  Running chassis.  Price $65.00
TJet Ford-Aurora Award Pin.  This was a store promotional during the 1964 Ford Aurora races.  The pin diameter is about 3/4 inches, and it shows a stopwatch with a Ford Mustang in it.  Price $90.00
T-Jet Ford Aurora store award pin
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Aurora TJet Mustang convertible in yellow with red stripes
Other Views:  Top   Front   Rear   Inside
Aurora TJet blue Mustang hardtop, off-color
PIC#3   PIC#4   PIC#5
      PIC#6   PIC#7
TJet off-blue Mustang hardtop