Aurora T-Jet HO slotcars for sale, including a '63 T-bird convertible, Maserati, Toronado, and classic Lincoln.
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T-Jet '63 T-Bird convertible, red/tan rugs/black seats.  Fair condition overall.  Wheel wells not cut, light to medium chrome wear, missing drivers head, and has reproduction window glass.  Screw posts have no cracks.  Running TJet chassis has silver painted wheels.  Price $60.00
'63 Thunderbird convertible Aurora HO slotcar in white with light blue
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TJet Toronado, black.  Right window post is missing top third.  Left window post is bowed outward and has a fine crack about midway on the post.  Good wheel wells and screw posts.  Bumpers are near mint except for wear on the left corner of rear bumper.  Silver trim is good.  Still a fairly nice looking car for use as a runner or filler for the collection.  Running TJet chassis.
Price $55.00.
HO slotcar TJet Toronado, black
Toronado, olive.  Nice runner or filler for collection.  Cut rear wheel wells, front wells show some scrape marks not visible from a side view, and cracked window posts at top but repaired with glue to look decent.  Right below the hood the front screw post has been cut off and replaced with a thicker post, possibly from a '63 Corvette, and it holds the screw fine.  Rear screw post has been shaved towards the front.  Nice sticker pinstripes added as shown.   Average bumper chrome wear.  Running TJet chassis has AJ's threaded rear wheels with press-on silicones added.  Price $55.00         PIC#3
Olive Toronado PIC#1
TJet Maserati, white, good condition overall.  Good wheel wells and window posts.  Front screw post not cracked, and rear screw post is cracked for most of it's length but holds the screw okay.  Medium-light front bumper wear, and rear bumper shows medium-heavy wear.   A dimple is present in the roof center.  Running open rivet chassis.  Price $65.00
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Toronado, turquoise.  This is a runner or collection filler.  Missing lower third of right window post.  Right window post is fine.  Good wheel wells.  Screw posts are not cracked and chrome is very nice.  Running TJet chassis.
Price $55.00.
Turquoise Toronado PIC#1
'63 Thunderbird convertible Aurora HO slotcar in red
T-Jet '63 T-Bird convertible, white/blue rugs/light blue seats.  Excellent condition overall.  Wheel wells not cut, light chrome wear, and has original drivers head and window glass.  Average wear to factory silver detail paint.  Screw posts have no cracks.  Running TJet chassis.
Price $180.00
Front View     Rear View
Toronado, yellow.  Good window posts and screw posts.  Rear wheel wells have been lightly and evenly sanded.  Screw posts not cracked.  Medium-light chrome bumper wear.  Silver trim has light wear.  Running TJet chassis.
Price $60.00.
HO slotcar TJet Toronado in yellow
TJet Maserati HO slotcar in white
Classic Lincoln, red.  Excellent condition overall.  Bumpers show medium-light wear, most noticeable on the rear spare tire area.  Window posts and screw posts are not cracked.  Front screw has a little glue inside to make the screw hold better.  Has aftermarket body mounting screws.   Running solid rivet TJet chassis.
Price $110.00
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TJet classic Lincoln in red