Aurora TJet Batmobile slotcars for sale!
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Boxed left side view
Car left side
Bottom view
Right side
Left side corner
Top view
Inside body
AURORA TJET BATMOBILE slot car, near mint in box.  Good wheel wells, tampos, and glass.  Front screw post has a minor mar mark on the bottom surface but is not cracked.  Chassis never been run.  All original, with original box, label, and sponge.  One end of box clear plastic has some bends and small cracks, but it's hidden when the end cap is in place.  Display the dynamic duo caped crusaders Batman and Robin in their famous tv show flivver.  Not available.
Aurora model motoring TV show batmobile, top view
batmobile, rear view turbine engine
batmobile slotcar, front view
Aurora HO slotcar batmobile, 1966
T-Jet Batmobile, nice, no box.  This is a very good condition batmobile for display or running. Front windshield is a reproduction. Batman head is fine.  Robin's head has been reglued at an angle and there are some whitish marks on his head.  Good wheel wells, and tampos have light wear as shown. Hood has two scratch/nick marks.  Front screw post is fine, rear screw post is cracked along one side all the way down, but the screw still holds body fine.  Looks very good overall, and runs fine.  Bat-price (sold)
Aurora batmobile HO slotcar, right side view
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