T-Jet reproduction metal track locks
T-Jet 15" radius and 12" radius 1/8 circle curves
T-Jet junction turnoffs, boxed
1A) 9" straights, lined.  Price $2.50 each.  Or unlined, price $3.50 each.  Also have one mint on card example available with 2 unlined straight tracks in blister card for $20.00
1B) 9" straight, lined, ends damaged.  Currently we have a total of 17 sections available which will require use of metal track clips (see item #49) to join the sections securely, since the holes for joining the track with the standard plastic track locks have become enlarged from use.  A few of the track pieces have the screw holes enlarged somewhat from where they were once joined to a wooden platform, but the holes will not interfere with normal use running on the track.   Price $1.00 each, not including the metal track clips (item #49) you will need.

2) 9" terminal straight, lined, with 4 screws.
Price $4.00 each.  Three screw Vibrator terminal tracks are available for $5.00 each.
3) 9" single cross straight, lined.  Price $3.00 each.  Also have one pair of unused cross straights available with box for $12.00.
4) 6" straight, lined.   Currently 6 pieces available.  Price $8.00 each.
5) 9" radius 1/4 circle curve, lined.  Price 75 cents each.
6) 6" radius 1/4 circle curve, lined.  Price $8.00 each.  Also have one box containing 4 pieces of lightly used track with box available for $50.00.
7) 7" straight track, used.  Price $7.00 each.   Also have one box of six straights MIB unused for $50.00.
8)  5" straight, lined.   Price $7.00 each.  Also have one box of six straights MIB unused for $50.00.
9) 15" straight, lightly used.  Limited quantities available.  Currently have 1 lined, and 8 unlined straights available.
Price $15.00 ea.

10) 9" radius 1/4 circle curves, box of 6 pieces, very lightly used in fairly nice box.   Sold out.  Currently have 2 generic plain cardboard boxed boxes of 6 pieces per box available for $14.00 per box.  These boxes came from sets, and are in fair condition with some splits.  The track is lightly used.
11) 9" rad 1/8 curves, used.  Price $8.00 each.  Also have a box of 6 available, with four pieces that look unused, the other two appear lightly used.  Small surface tear in box top as shown.  Price $50.00
12) 15" rad 1/8 curves, used.  Price $20.00 each.
13) 12" rad 1/8 curves, used.  Price $15.00 each.
14) 6" rad 1/8 curves, box of 6, mint in box.  Sold out.  Currently have 0 loose pieces available.  Price $22.00 ea.

15) T-Jet 9" rad 1/4 single cross curve. Price $6.00 each.   Also have one box of two curves MIB for $20.00.

16) 9" bridge track, used.  Price $9.00 per 9" piece.   Also have unused pair bridge tracks in box for $25.00
17) 9" cobblestone track.   Not currently available.  Also have orange cobblestone straights mint condition for $14.00 each.
18) 9" wiggle track, used.  Price $10.00 each.  Also have one mint on card example available with 2 wiggle tracks in blister card for $25.00
19) 9" squeeze track, used.  Price $4.00 each.
20) 9" double cross straight, used.  Price $8.00 each.  Also have one mint on card, fair card example available with 2 cross tracks in blister card for $25.00.  Blister card shows some waviness.
21) 9" lap counter, lightly used.  Complete with box.
Price $10.00, or $8.00 without box.  Also have one mint on card, fair card example available with 1 lap counter track in blister card for $25.00

22) Y-tracks, pair.  Change from two lane racing to single lane with these.  Price $35.00 per pair loose, or $45.00 mint in box.

23) Monza banked sections, used.  Price$6.00 per 9" radius 1/8 curve section, or $24 for a 180 degree bank.  Also have one box of 4 unused curves with 2 metal bank adapters with fair box available for $50.00.
24) Monza 9" rad bank with adapters.  Sold as a built-up complete 180 degree bank.  These use regular 9" radius 1/4 circle curved T-Jet track with metal bank adapters to give a mildly banked curve.  Sold out.
25) Monza 9" radius 1/4 circle metal bank adapters.   Use these to get a mild bank from regular 9" radius flat curves.
Price $8.00 each.

26) 9" Bridge Roadway, pair, mint in box.  Price $25.00.
27) 9" hump (bump) track, loose. Price $9.00 each.  Also have one mint on card, fair card example available with 2 bump tracks in blister card for $25.00
28) Country Bridge with Roadway.  Mint in box, includes sides and instruction sheet.  One box side flap has damage.
Price $45.00
29) Culvert Bridge with Sides, mint in box.  Price $35.00

30) 9" intersection, used. Near mint condition.  Price $25.00

31) 9" railroad crossing.   Very nice shape.   Price $75.00.  Also have one near mint in box, some box wear, for $90.00

32) Junction turnoffs. One pair of turnoffs (2 pieces of track) without the box shown, in good used condition for $35.00 for the pair.  Also have pairs of turnoffs mint in box for $45.00 per box.

33) Service road turnoffs, pair. These allow one lane to turn off into a pitstop or single lane racing.  Not currently available.

34) Loop the loop tracks, pair, used in box.  Loops have some light rusting as is typical, and also some light bending in spots. Missing the 8 mounting screws and instruction sheet.  There are two generic cardboard boxes that hold the loops and loop track pieces separately, from set #1620.  Boxes are in rough shape with splits, box top missing sides, and some clear tape repair.  Price $35.00.

35)  Loop the loop tracks, pair, used, no box.  Used working condition, although one of the loop tracks had some rust on it's metal loop near the base, which was removed with a wire brush.  There is still some pitting present in those spots though, so if you're looking for a work of art here, keep looking.
Price $30.00 for the pair.

36) 9" starter track.  Allows your car to rev on the rollers until you flip the switch and both cars are off to a quick start.   Not currently available.  Price $15.00.

37) Spiral Roadway Supports, no box.  Gives a support structure for a 9" radius circular climb.   Sold out.
38) Obstacle Course accessories, 8 pieces in box, no instruction sheet.  Price $10.00
39A) Roadway Piers, grey, bag of 5, used.  Price $10.00
39B) Trestle Extensions, grey, set of 12, mint in TJet clamshell car style box with label.  These extend the #39A piers above.  Price $15.00 per box.
40) Modular Bridge Beams, 4-lane, grey.  Each beam contains approximately 5 pieces of post extension per side.
Price $4.50 per beam.
41A) Modular Bridge Beams, 2-lane, grey. Each beam contains approximately 4 pieces of post extension per side.
Sold out.
41B) Modular Bridge Posts, looks like about 48 post extension pieces still sealed in bag, mint with mint box.  Sold out.
42) 6" radius speed corners.  Some dirt or paint specks on some as shown.  Only 5 currently available.   Price $3.00 each, or $15.00 per box of 4 unused pieces (boxes may have some wear).  Also see item #44.
43) 9" radius speed corners, 1/8th circle, used condition.  Some may have a small amount of  paint on them.  These make racing much more competitive than when using guard rails which give the outside lane the advantage.  Price $3.00 each.  Limited quantities available (but see item #44).
44)  Cork/urethane composite roadway shoulders.  Stacking two of these adhesive-backed 1/8" strips together gives a good height for letting your cars slide naturally around an outside lane curve, eliminating 'guard rail advantage' when using the outside lane and making a race much more competitive.  Easily conforms to even a tight 6" radius curve.  Can be tacked down with lightweight tacks for a more permanent layout.  You will need 2 feet of roadway shoulder material stacked together for each 1 foot of track you want to surround on the outside lane.  Price is 45 cents per foot at 1/8" thick, or 90 cents per stacked running foot.

45A) TJet white plastic guard rails, 10 pieces in box, lightly used.  Price $30.00.
45B) TJet white plastic guard rails, used, loose (not shown).
Price $2.00 each.
45C) TJet white rubber (older style) guard rails, loose (not shown).  Price $2.50 each.  Also have 2 boxes of 4 lightly used rubber guard rails with 7 plastic posts per rail.  Price $12.50 per box

46) Metal joiners (pins) for above- 10 cents per joiner.
47) Plastic locks (clips) for above (off white colored originals)- Price 50 cents each.  Limited quantities available.
48) Metal repro locks (clips)- These are made of  plated steel and are very strong.  Price 55 cents each.
49) Metal track repair clips. Use two of these to make a tighter, stronger connection with your TJet track.   They clip onto the underside of the track joints.  Price 60 cents per clip.  Limited supply available.

50) Electric Lap Counter, boxed.  Good working condition, with both lane marking tags present.  Includes the original trip-track section with white factory markings, and  a photocopy of the instruction sheet.  Original tattered instruction sheet also included.  Box not included.  Contents picture shows a previously sold lap counter and trip-track, not the current one offered.  Price $125.00

51) Pit Kit, tan, with the three central dividers cut out (not shown).   Price $30.00.  Another pit kit with cut out Model Motoring sticker applied and some scratches around latch area is available for $32.00 (not shown).   A third one is available with a hole in the left side handle mount area, so that the handle is loose on the left side, and has 'pit kit' drawn in black marker on the lid, for $25.00 (not shown).

52) Curved Bleachers, incomplete with box.  This has been built-up and taken apart, so there are glue marks and what looks like some whitish paint marks around the glue seams.   Parts missing are the center back section, left seat, flags, and decals.  Includes instruction sheet and colorfully illustrated box with average wear.  Price $60.00

53) Start/Finish Pylons, mint in open box.  Price $45.00

54) Grand Stand, incomplete with box. This has been built-up and taken apart, so there are glue marks around the glue seams.   Much of the glue looks like it will chip off with some effort.  Parts included:  back wall, left side wall, right side wall, seating section, balcony front wall and railing, balcony floor, balcony back wall, main floor,railing left side ramp, snack bar roof, main roof, cashiers booth side wall, 1 TV camera with tripod, 2 more tripods, stair railing, and stairs.  To the best of my knowledge, parts missing include:  balcony roof, balcony door divider, post supports, ramp back rail, right side ramp, snack bar counter top, cashiers booth window section, ramp floor, snack bar wall, 2 TV cameras, stair entrance door, and stair landing support.  Box has nice artwork and has a crease/indentation left of center below the red illustrated car.  Some of the original decals are still applied to the pieces, adding a nice vintage touch.  Includes instruction sheet in good condition, dated 1962.  Sold out.

55) Grand Stand, unbuilt with box.  This is a complete unbuilt kit dated 1962.  Gray parts are still in stapled plastic bag.  Brown parts are loose in box.  Includes instruction sheet and mint decal sheet.  Box has indents and creasing and tear damage at right top face as shown, and box has some fading from exposure to light.  Sold out.

57) Pit Stop, unbuilit with box.  Complete and unbuilt, with grey parts still in stapled plastic bag, and tan parts loose in box.  Includes instruction sheet, mint decal sheet, and color Aurora 'idea contest' brochure.  Box top has some light fading, and wear on lower right corner, as well as some dents  and a crease on right flap.  Box bottom has some dents also.  Sold out.

58) Curved Bleachers, unbuilt with box.  Contains all unbuilt parts, instruction sheet, and mint decal sheet.  One back section has one bent flag post.  Box top and sides have fading from light exposure, and some wear along bottom right edge.  Box bottom has some creases along one side.  Price $150.00

59) Hop Up Kit, box only.  Nice graphics, no corner splits.  No ink writing on box, unlike the one pictured here.  Price $10.00
Aurora Model Motoring Thunderjet (TJet) track and accessories for sale.
A. 9" straight, B. 9" terminal, C. 9" single cross, D. 6" straight, E. 9"rad 1/4 curve, F. 6"rad 1/4 curve
The following Aurora Model Motoring TJet HO slot car track from the 60's is all in used, good condition.  There may be light surface oxidation of the rails requiring light sanding to restore to fine running condition, but no heavily red rusted track is offered.  This is all good, usable track!  Locks and joiners sold separately (except on carded items), unless otherwise stated.
1         2           3 
     6      6 inch rad 1/4

TJet metal joiners (pins)
TJet plastic locks (clips)
TJet 9" bridge track, pair
TJet Obstacle Course, boxed
TJet lap counter, boxed
Trestles, gray
more track and accessories!
TJet 9"rad 1/4 curve cross track
TJet 5" straight
Been awhile since you've         wired up a layout?
Click here to get wired!
Aurora Thunderjet tan pit kit
9" hump track
TJet 7 inch straight track
9" speed corner, yellow
9" squeeze track
Loop the loop tracks, pair
Pic of 2nd loop track
9" radius curves, used in box
TJet boxed spiral roadway supports
T-Jet 9" intersection track, used.
T-Jet 9" radius 1/8 curve section
Aurora T-Jet 6" speed corner, used.
9" radius speed corners
6" radius speed corners
5 inch
Aurora model motoring cobblestone track, used
TJet railroad and slot car crossing track
9" rad 1/8 circle
T-Jet boxed loop the loop track set contents
Boxed loop the loop track boxes
Aurora Thunderjet wiggle track
wiggle track
railroad crossing
9" hump track
9" radius 1/4 circle,
9" bridge straights
9" intersection
9" single cross curve
cork composite roadway shoulders
cork composite roadway shoulders (car not included)
Tet bleachers kit
TJet bleachers kit parts included
TJet grandstand kit
Grandstand Contents
Bleachers (built up) kit box
Aurora O gauge trestles, carded.
Aurora O gauge squeeze track, carded
roadway piers
squeeze track
pit kit case
(open view)
loop the loop, contents
6 inch
7 inch
TJet track repair clips
TJet 15" straight
15 inch straight
track repair clips
repro track locks
metal track joiners
original track locks
15" and 12" radius 1/8 circle
T-Jet 6" radius 1/8 circle curves
6" radius 1/8 circle
9 inch rad 1/4
9 inch
TJet 9" dual cross straight
9" dual cross straight
9" lap counter
Obstacle Course
Junction Turnoffs
Spiral Roadway Supports
T-Jet service road turnoffs
Service Road Turnoffs
TJet 9" bridge track, boxed
9" bridge straights, boxed
TJet 9" culvert bridge with sides, boxed
9" culvert bridge with sides, boxed
TJet country bridge with sides, boxed
Country Bridge with roadway, boxed
loop the loop, boxes
loop the loop, used
Aurora O gauge 9" straight, carded
Aurora O gauge 9" terminal straight, carded
Aurora O gauge 9" adapter straight
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.
O scale track for sale.O scale track for sale.
60) #1727- O Gauge 9" straight, mint on card, 2 pieces per card.   Cards have water damage, but track is fine.  Sold out.  

61) #1728- O Gauge 9" terminal track, mint on card, 1 piece per card.  Cards have water damage, but track is fine.  Price $12.00 per card.  Have one nice used loose one available for $10.00

62) O Gauge 15" radius 1/8 curves.  Used good condition.  Price $8.00 each .

63) O Gauge to HO adapter tracks, used.  Also useful for getting some wide turns into your TJet HO layout.
Price $10.00 per 9" piece.

64) O Gauge #1732 squeeze 9" track #1732, mint on card, 2 pieces per card.  Card has minor damage.
Sold out.  Have nice used loose ones available for $12.00 each.

65) O Gauge 6" straights, carded, 2 per card.  Cards have minor damage.  Price $22.00 per card.   Only 1 available.  Have near mint loose ones available for $10.00 each.

66) O Gauge #1740 trestle post set, mint on card.  Only  1 card available.  Price $28.00.

67) O Gauge modular bridge beams with posts, used, with 5-6 posts of elevation per side included.
Price $4.50 per beam.
Aurora O gauge curve track
O-gauge curve
O-gauge adapter track
Aurora O gauge modular bridge beams
O-gauge modular bridge beams
9" straight
9" terminal
9" squeeze
O-gauge trestles
T-Jet modular bridge beams, 3 inch and 6 inch
Grandstand (used) w/ box
Bleachers (built up)
Aurora Thunderjet tan pit kit
pit kit case
(closed view)
9" start track
start track
T-Jet Monza banked curve
modular bridge beams

T-Jet white plastic guard rails
plastic guard rails
Monza bank curve
T-Jet metal Monza bank adapter
Monza metal bank adapters
T-Jet Monza bank with adapters
Monza bank with adapters
Aurora T-Jet pylons, boxed

Aurora O gauge 6 inch straight, carded
6" straight
T-Jet Y-tracks, pair
Y-tracks, pair
TJet grandstand kit, unbuilt
Grandstand (unbuilt) w/ box
Grandstand (unbuilt)
   PIC#2       PIC#3
TJet pit stop kit, unbuilt
Pit Stop (unbuilt) w/box
Pit Stop (unbuilt)
PIC#2     PIC#3
TJet bleachers kit, unbuilt
Bleachers (unbuilt) w/box
Bleachers (unbuilt)
PIC#2     PIC#3
TJet hop up kit box
Hop Up Kit box only
TJet boxed electric lap counter
lap counter contents
electric lap counter
Track Page  1  2  3  4
TJet modular bridge posts, boxed
modular bridge posts